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House Close – Sociedade de Mediação Imobiliária, Unip. Lda., opened its first store in the city of Ponta Delgada, in the Island of São Miguel, Autonomous Region of the Azores in April 2016.

House Close was created with the purpose of making the difference in the real estate sector through the provision of unique and innovating services and respecting the highest ethical, quality, convenience and efficiency standards and with surprisingly attractive and competitive commissions.

House Close promotes and offers its Customers unique properties with unrivalled features as a finished product or a product with potential that can be transformed.

House Close’s opening has started an era of new opportunities in the real estate market of the Autonomous Region of the Azores.

Advantages of the House Close Service

Although the service rendered under the non-exclusivity regime is of very high quality, as well as broad and efficient, with us the Customer also beneficiates from specific advantages arising from the fact that he has trusted House Close and given us the exclusivity of trading its property.

Advantages of the House Close Service Under the Exclusivity Regime
Amount of the Commission 5%
Professional Photography Yes
High quality, convenient and efficient serviceYes
Direct and Tailored ContactYes
The commissions’ values are different pursuant to the regime chosen (exclusivity vs. non-exclusivity)Yes
Access to the Partnerships Network, with benefits and discounts *1Yes
Access to the House Close Collaborators Network *2Yes
Second purchase/sale with House Close- 0,5% of the Commission amount
Option of Incentive Fee *3Yes
Possibility of low-key tailored TradingYes
Wide range of Premium Advertising and Marketing *4Yes

*1 - Integration in our wide partnerships network with benefits and discounts, the most prestigious ones in their areas and related to the sectors of construction/architecture/design/commerce and services/leisure (know more).

*2 – Direct access to our collaborators who provide the following services: Professional photography, 3D digital construction, Branding, legal counselling and consulting within the area of indoor and outdoor architecture and engineering, design, topography, energy and sound certification, properties assessment with a CMVM certificate, among others to boost the sale and meet the Customer/purchaser’s needs.

*3 – Possibility of changing the base commission as an incentive if the property is sold within a specific period of time or for a price higher than the one requested and pursuant to agreement.

*4 – Advertising and marketing with House Close own, custom, statistic and dynamic media and channels, namely in mass media, our store and website, and fully compatible with mobile devices, social networks, our newsletter, in other domains aimed at disclosing properties by means of regular and extraordinary advertising and marketing campaigns.