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For your information, we outlined a set of questions and answers with the main features of the House Close business model. For additional information, do not hesitate in contacting us.

Which advantages do I have in promoting my property with House Close?

House Close offers its customers a wide range of advantages when compared to its competitors, namely:

  • Commissions surprisingly attractive and competitive.
  • Extraordinary reductions in your commissions if it is not the first time you are our Customer, as a buyer or a seller.
  • Benefit from discounts attributed by the wide network of partnerships – the most prestigious ones in their areas and connected to the sector of construction/accommodation/leisure housing/businesses
  • Several advertising media and channels – static, dynamic, conventional and online - in which is done the promotion of the Customers properties and a wide network of local, national and international contacts
  • Access to our collaborators network which has a series of tools and techniques aimed at adding value to properties - namely through professional photography, 3D, Branding, indoor and outdoor architectural counselling, among other, to boost the sale and meet our Customer/purchaser’s needs.
Do I get any benefit from trading my property within the exclusivity regime?

Yes, you shall beneficiate from the best conditions and more efficient advertising channels and a representation strategy of your property that can help highlight it from your competition, such as, through the construction of digital and 3D representation models of each project. In this trading regime, your property shall be traded under unique and privileged conditions, namely with highlighted display in our site, our store – inside and outside -, advertising in social media and other media and channels solely aimed at this trading regime.

Do I benefit from special conditions in my second trading with House Close? If so, which ones?

Yes, the commission is reduced compared to the conventionally applied.

Which advantages do I have in acquiring a property from House Close?

You beneficiate from discounts attributed by its wide network of partnerships – the most prestigious ones in their areas and connected to the construction/accommodation/leisure housing/businesses, namely:

  • Civil Construction
  • Acquisition of civil construction businesses
  • Gardening
  • Paints
  • Swimming-pools
  • Alarms
Who is responsible for attributing the House Close partners advantages?

The allocation of advantages is done exclusively and directly by our own partners.

Which documents do I need for House Close to trade my property?
  1. Permanent Certificate from the land registry
  2. Property Description Form
  3. Authorisation for use
  4. It may also be necessary to obtain certificates, namely thermal, acoustic or termites.

If you do not hold all these documents, contact us as they are not always needed.

Which services does House Close provide?

House Close offers its Customers services of real estate brokerage which consist mainly of looking for a receiver, on behalf of our customers, to carry out businesses with the aim of constituting or acquiring real rights upon properties, as well as the exchange, transfer or rental of the said properties or the transfer of positions in contracts of which the object is a property.

Our activity also includes gathering and collecting information that might lead to new business opportunities related to properties desired by our customers, and the promotion of these properties, namely though their disclosure or advertising as finished products or a product with potential that can be transformed.

Which other services can House Close provide?

House Close has several technicians/collaborators that can help you obtain the useful elements needed to trade your property, namely:

  • CMV certified property appraiser
  • Qualified engineer to perform energy and sound certifications and to issue the certificate of termite inspection.
  • Topographer
  • Designer
  • Architect
  • Professional photographer
When do I have to pay the commission to House Close?

At the moment of the advance payment, if existing, and at the moment of the conclusion of the corresponding public deed or conclusion of the business within the proportion of the payments collected by the Customer.

Does House Close offer contracts related to the trading of properties, namely related to the purchase and sale or rental?

House Close offers its customers the contracts needed to conclude the business, namely the purchase and sale and the rental contracts. It is the Customer who choses, by means of an agreement with the other party, to conclude another contract related to the business mediated by House Close.

Public deeds are performed at public or private notaries.

House Close is not trading the property I want. Is it worthwhile to contact House Close?

Yes. Although the property you want might not be available right now at House Close, we can help you as follows:

  1. Contact our network of specific owners contacts with whom we have privileged contacts
  2. Contact a partner from this business area with whom we have privileged contacts
  3. Record in our database and we shall contact you as soon as there is a property in our portfolio with the features you are looking for

In case of doubt or for additional information, contact us at [email protected]