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Commission reduction in the Second Trading with House Close

House Close

About the Real Estate Agency

House Close offers its Customers a series of tools and techniques aimed at adding value to properties, namely professional photography, 3D digital representation, Branding, indoor and outdoor architectural counselling, among others to boost the sale and meet the Customer/purchaser’s needs.

The House Close customer, a seller or a buyer, beneficiates from countless advantages offered by our network of partners, who are the most prestigious ones in their areas and connected to the sector of construction/architecture/design/commerce and services/leisure and well-being.

House Close offers its Customers the option to allocate different amounts of commission pursuant to the desired promotion regime. House Close also offers extraordinary reductions in its commissions if it is not the first time you are our Customer, as a buyer or seller.

House Close offers several static, dynamic, conventional and online advertising media and channels to promote our Customers properties and a wide network of local, national and international contacts.